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Research and Development Projects
TISIP collaborates with AITeL (Faculty for Information Technology and eLearning) on research and development projects. We specialize in developing and managing computer systems and programming. We also work on developing advanced websites, from design to implementation.

One of our specialties is developing Net-based learning environments. We have extensive experience organizing Net-based instruction, developing technical solutions and different pedagogical approaches geared towards different subjects and user groups. Our clients include SIEMENS and Q-FREE. We participate in national and international networks such as NITOL (Norwegian IT Network for Open Learning), the Network University and Learning on Demand.

R&D Resources
TISIP's research and development projects work closely with courses being taught at AITeL. In general, our researchers also have teaching responsibilities and we can use students to solve portions of our projects. For our customers, this means low-cost solutions. Our professional group includes 22 researchers, 7 of whom hold advanced degrees.

Establishing/Organizing Projects
TISIP assists its clients in designing projects and procuring resources through applications to the Research Council of Norway, Interreg and various EU programs. TISIP can take on the responsibility for organizing projects. We can provide project management, project accounting and follow-up including auditing at a very reasonable price. Our references include the SLANK (County Municipality of Sør-Trøndelag) and Purchase Agreement (UNINETT AS) projects.


The Tisip foundation, established in 1985, does research and development and offers courses for businesses, public institutions, universities and colleges.


Thorleif Hjeltnes has been a key figure working on TISIP's R&D projects.