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eLearning/Distance Learning
TISIP is cooperating with AITeL to make its IT expertise available over the Internet. Altogether, there are 50 courses you can take individually or as part of a degree/certification program. All subjects are offered both in the fall and the spring and all of our courses are for credit.
Flexibility is one of the key features of our course offerings. You can choose whether you want to take one or more classes each semester. You can choose whether to start a full course of study or whether you want to start out by taking individual classes and then put them together later to earn a degree.

Our course offerings include the following courses and degrees:
• 50 individual courses on IT and Internet topics. Each course is 2 credits.
• Two network certificates: "IT and Internet Operations" and "Web Design and eBusiness," 10 credits each.
• 2-year høgskolekandidat degree in "Informatics."
• 2-year høgskolekandidat degree in "Operating and Maintaining Computer Systems."
• 1-year advanced course in computers for students who already have a college degree.
• Advanced course in "Web Design and eBusiness" for students who have already completed the 2-year høgskolekandidat
degree program.

  Degree Programs
Individual Classes
Network Certificate

AITeL and TISIP are Norway's largest providers of certified IT courses.


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