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Support Services

Administration Group

TISIP assists educational institutions with technical administration support. The majority of these are clients associated with UNINETT's (the Norwegian academic and research data network) Customer Support Center and Adult Military Education and Training (Voksenopplæringen i Forsvaret). The group also provides support for colleges and universities that request it.

The administration support group cooperates closely with AITeL's laboratory group. With their combined expertise, this group possesses a sizable and comprehensive pool of knowledge covering everything from Novell, NT, UNIX, PC administration, to computer communications, etc. The group is currently accepting new projects.

Project Support
TISIP also offers various forms of project support. This could be anything from project management, developing and running Web sites, backend office support for project accounting including audits. Please contact us for further information.


Bjørn Tore Larsen is an advisor and works on regional projects.