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Resources and Reports

TISIP works closely with the Faculty of Informatics and
e-Learning at Sør-Trøndelag University College. The groups are collocated and the employees of TISIP and AITeL make up a single professional environment. AITeL has a total of 29 employees and TISIP has 8 employees. This professional group is also affiliated with resource personnel and students from the university, colleges and the business community in Norway and abroad.

AITeL's offices are located in Brygghuset at E.C. Dahls gate 2 in Trondheim. TISIP also rents office space here. TISIP can do its work from anywhere, as long as there's a computer and an Internet connection. Many of our employees work from home and we have employees in both Kristiansand and Rome. Meetings and classes are held in our modern network lab on the fourth floor of Brygghuset.

TISIP has its own press that issues reports and instructional materials.
Publisher's number: 8055.


The network lab is used by AITeL students and for classes.