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New Projects
This is a summary of current and newly established projects. Most of these projects will ultimately have their own websites. These websites include a project description and a summary of the partners involved and will allow you to access project reports and other results.

MENU - Models for European Networked University for eLearning. The MENU project is part of the EU's eLearning Initiative. This project gives us the opportunity to develop more Internet courses in English, participate in more student exchange programs and expand our R&D efforts in the field of eLearning. From 2001 - 2003. Project management: Stord/Haugesund University College.
Project support: TISIP.

Q-FREE I CHINA.This is a NORAD project. TISIP, along with AITeL, is responsible for developing a Information and Communications Technology (ICT) program at the Bachelor's degree level that is geared toward Norwegian companies that want to establish themselves in developing countries. One of the project's contributions will be to train local employees in China so that they are maximally equipped to sell and maintain Q-Free's systems.

SLANK - Cooperation of local arenas for business development and improving computer skills. SLANK will contribute to increased professional development and improved computer skills in the districts with a special focus on the ability to make use of IT. SLANK covers the following regions: Fosen, Fjell and Outer Namdal.
From 2001 - 2002.
Project management: TISIP.

KIOS - - Skills development in internationally oriented companies. This project is supported by VOX's Skills Development Program. Siemens Meetering in Trondheim is TISIP's collaborative partner. This project will develop an industry-specific educational program for organizational development and improving employees' ICT abilities. The educational program also covers Siemens employees in other European countries. KIOS will contribute to ensuring that the Siemens software system developed in Norway can be adapted and used in the European power markets.

Do IT - District-Oriented IT. DoIT is a preliminary project supported by the EU's Interreg-II program, "the Nordic countries' green belt." The project is a collaboration between Sør-Trøndelag University College (HiST), Mid Sweden University (MSU) and Nord-Trøndelag University College (HiNT). This project has studied how the ability to use IT is becoming a key element in increasing the different regions' ability to compete in an information society. A range of activities is planned as part of the main project in which improved teamwork between the regional educational institutions and professional workers can provide significant expertise in ICT. Preliminary project: Fall 1999 - Spring 2001.
Project management: HiST / TISIP.

HYDRIV - Development and implementation of novel Imaging Velocimetry techniques suited to large-scale hydraulic facilities. The project is part of the EU's 5th Framework program. On commission from SINTEF, TISIP is developing the software. The software will calculate 3D particle pathways in fluid currents, based on synchronic video recordings by 3 video cameras.
From Spring 2000 - 2002.