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A university - workplace model for developing knowledge for European Collaboration


EuroCompetence is a transnational co-operational project granted from the European Commision SOCRATES programme within the field of ODL. There are seven partners in five different European countries: Greece, Italy, Sweden, Norway and United Kingdom.

29.9.2000: The project has finished the work. Alle reports are available via links under the heading Products below.


The project EuroCompetence has an objective to develop and try out a flexible model for further studies for Adult learners. As the title indicates, the model will cover the need for competence among employees in Industry and Public sector who are going to collaborate with other companies and institutions in Europe. The content in the study program is based on the following four subject areas:
  1. Information Technology in general and the use of Internet in particular.
  2. Methods and Tools for professional Collaboration over Internet, CSCW - Computer Supported Collaborative Work.
  3. EU standards, Programmes, rules for collaboration etc. in addition to Languages and Cultur.
  4. Practical skills and knowledge achieved by Project work with members coming from companies and institutions across Europe.

In Norway, and elsewhere in Europe there is a growing awareness of the need for in-service training and further education. Several papers has been published on the matter. A very central and important measure in the realisation of organised offers are the use of ODL, based on ICT - Information and Communication Technologies. However there is general agreement that a lot of development work has to be done in this area, both to develop relevant studies using the workplace as learning arena, and pedagogy for adults in relation to ICT and flexible learning, ODL.

EuroCompetence is a proposal that covers both basic professional approaches to the problem of using ICT and ODL for Adults, in addition to a particular focus on the European dimension.

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Organization of the project

The project is organized in six different workpackages. The Workpacages of the program are

  1. Models for supplier networks.
  2. Critical demands in key EU areas.
  3. Competence Gaps : A system for exploring individual and organisational knowledge gaps.
  4. ODL models for Adult learners.
  5. User trials.
  6. Evaluation and dissemination.

Project information and outcome


Course catalogue, spring 2000

Training and Development Survey

If you have any questions regarding the EuroCompetence products, send an e-mail to the project leader


Internal project information (password required)


{short description of image} Agder College
{short description of image} Mid Sweden University
{short description of image} Technological Educational Institution (T.E.I, Thessaloniki)
{short description of image} University of Rome
{short description of image} University of Greenwich
{short description of image} University of Sheffield
{short description of image} The research foundation TISIP

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