E-LEN: A network of e-learning centres

The E-LEN project is a project under the Socrates Programme which aims to create a Network of E-Learning Centres and leading organisations in the learning technologies. The E-LEN network will support a diverse constellation of learning centres around the world, have a strong capacity for developing and delivering pedagogically-informed technology for effective e-learning experiences and disseminate these experiences to other institutions.

Note: The option of participating with patterns and register as an interested person is closed since the project was officially finished in 2005

Main objectives

Project presentation

You can quickly learn about the project by peeking at the e-LEN leaflet (pdf) or the Powerpoint presentation e-LEN in brief

Talk on Design Pattern by Rune Baggetun
Rune Baggetun has been invited by the Norwegian Nettverks Universitetet to have a talk on Design Pattern and related design principles for e-larning.
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Published 2005-03-09 by Rune Baggetun

The ELEN booklet about design patterns is ready!
Design expertise for e-learning centres: Design patterns and how to produce them
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Published 2005-01-25 by Simos Retalis

Tutorial available
An e-learning design pattern tutorial is now available. It will show you how an e-learning design pattern can be made. The first part of this tutorial will take 15 minutes. The second part (making an e-learning pattern) depends on your own effort.
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Published 2004-10-14 by Webmaster

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