Note: The option of participating with patterns is now closed since the project is officially finished

E-learning Design Patterns Repository

In the E-learning Design Patterns Repository you will find a collection of design pattern for e-learning. These patterns have been jointly developed within the E-LEN projects. This repository is an active entity which is constantly enlarged with the addition of new design patterns. We call all interested people to visit the patterns and reuse the design experience that is projected into the design patterns.

Explore the E-learning Design Patterns Repository

The patterns of our repository have been classified into four different Special Interest Groups (SIG). You can see the description of each SIG when you check one of them. You can further explore the patterns within each SIG and make comments or submit your own patterns. Design patterns are always open to improvement. Since the evolution of a structured collection of patters and the establishment of a pattern language is a collective endeavour, we invite you to participate in the process and welcome your suggestions and criticism.

Check a SIG with the radio button, find out its description and explore the patterns of each SIG

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