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How can the instructors track the students? progress while they interact with the LMS ?s various features? On the other hand, how can the students be informed of what activities they have already performed in a course?


In the traditional classroom, instructors watch the students? progress, monitor their various activities, evaluate them and coach them so that they learn as effectively as possible. In the virtual world of LMS, instructors do not interact physically with the students and thus cannot observe them and supervise their learning. For example the instructors do not know whether the students have studied the appropriate learning resources, practiced the on-line exercises, collaborated with their colleagues in their projects, or read the announcements for a course. On the other hand, in large and multifaceted courses, the students do not know which parts of the LMS they have already seen, what remaining tasks do they have to perform etc.


Keep records of the students? activities in terms of which parts of the course they have visited and how long they have spent in them, what tools they have used, and maintain files of the interactions that took place in chat rooms, discussion fora etc.

The system must enable the learner to:

Known uses

WebCT, Blackboard, Intralearn, Saba, FirstClass, Convene and LearningSpace provide tools for tracking the progress of students. On the other hand WebCT, VirtualU, Blackboard, Intralearn, Saba, FirstClass and LearningSpace provide tools for informing students of their own study progress.


This pattern is applicable to software engineering teams that develop Learning Management Systems. When implemented, its end-users shall be learners and instructors.


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P. Avgeriou, S. Retalis, A. Papasalouros


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